Get Counsel Early.

Workplace injuries present a variety of issues for businesses. As part of our services to self-insured and insured employers, and their administrators or insurance carriers, we provide early counseling on liability issues or defenses that may be raised by workplace injuries. We educate our clients about their responsibilities to provide medical benefits and wage replacement or impairment benefits under the Worker’s Compensation Act and Occupational Diseases Act. In catastrophic cases involving death or serious permanent injury, we can help guide the employer through the claims process and assist with any overlapping OSHA/IOSHA investigation or log reporting requirements.

Educate Yourself for A Better Outcome.

Throughout the process, our attorneys can provide guidance on return to work issues, accommodation of restrictions, and the injured worker’s statutory benefits. We also educate our clients on overlapping areas of employment law such as the interaction between worker’s compensation and medical leave and the ADA/ADAAA. We work with our clients to coordinate claims resolution involving legal issues in a cost-efficient manner.

Stay Informed of Worker’s Compensation Issues that Could Impact Your Business.

We also provide our clients with reference materials, offer advice on general worker’s compensation questions, and keep our clients abreast of legislative changes and recent court decisions that could impact the handling of their worker’s compensation claims. Our team of experienced attorneys also provides educational seminars addressing a broad range of worker’s compensation issues that could directly impact your business.

We realize that every case is different. You can rely on our commitment to provide what your organization needs.

Worker’s Compensation services that we provide include:

  • Supervisor and Management Training on Worker’s Compensation Compliance Issues
  • Drafting of Worker’s Compensation Workplace Policies and Modified Duty Policies
  • Handling Litigated Worker’s Compensation Claims Before the Appropriate Administrative Agency
  • Advising on Overlapping Worker’s Compensation and FMLA or Other Leave Policies
  • OSHA/IOSHA Representation or Counseling
  • Advising on Return to Work and ADA/ADAAA Issues